Moments of Truth: Educational tools for codes of conduct training

Calvin London ( is the head of Business Operations and Integrity in Australia and New Zealand for Celgene Pty Ltd. in Southbank, Melbourne, Australia.

The value of ‘read and understand’ training and the negative effects it can have on an organisation are now starting to be realized. ‘Read and understand’ is a learning delivery method that assumes that employees will understand a process or procedure simply because they have been given something to read about it. Although this modality of training has some application, this is not universal and should not be used as a default for training. Other more effective alternatives, such as learning in the moment, can provide employees with an on-going source of practical training and education that are not arduous and serve as examples of how to actually use the information they have gained.

This article introduces Moments of Truth as an educational/training aid for enhancing familiarisation with the code of business conduct (the Code). They provide short, succinct examples of where concepts presented in the Code are given to employees to demonstrate how they should behave following the guidance of the Code.

In 1981, Jan Carlzon introduced the concept to Scandinavian Airlines in his book Moments of Truth.[1] He defined the moment of truth in business with this statement: ‘Any time a customer comes into contact with a business, however remote, they have an opportunity to form an impression.’

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