The impact of trust, values, and ethics on company reputation

Sujatha Venkatraman ( is Payroll Manager living and working in Brussels, Belgium.

Did you know that your company’s corporate reputation is one of its most valuable assets when it comes to recruiting talented workers? It’s true that 84% of job seekers say that a company’s reputation is “important” when it comes to choosing a company to work for.[1]

In addition, 50% of surveyed job seekers said they would not work for a company with a bad reputation, even for a pay increase, but 84% of workers would leave their current company for one with a stellar reputation.[2]

A negative reputation can also damage your brand image in the eyes of customers and lead to depressed sales and poor growth.[3] For these reasons, it’s important to maintain your company’s reputation—and invest in building trust, a strong set of corporate values, and a sense of ethics among your staff. Let’s discuss this subject in detail now.

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