Ethics: An Asia-Pacific perspective from the credit manager's glass

Shweta Saran ( is Global Trade Credit Manager, Asia Pacific, at Eaton in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Having worked for the past decade as a corporate credit manager for the Asia-Pacific region of a company that values ethics very highly, and having seen firsthand the development of the region from a credit perspective, I have seen some unique ethical issues at both the micro and macro levels. In this article, I have tried to summarize some key aspects that differentiate the region from the global norms in terms of the business ethics that are followed and how this, to a large extent, affects the overall credit business. It is interesting to note that credit, as a function, allows a person a good understanding of multiple business aspects from sales, production, receivables management (wait, that is credit!), customers, and also supply chain management support. It is unique, because you get a high-level view of the overall business and also get to interact across multiple levels in the organization, both within and outside.

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